The Tea Party

Terms are thrown around loosely. I hear the Tea Party spoken of as a radical right wing group. They are lumped into the religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists.

From family and friends I understand them better now. I believe they are fairly focused on taxes and government spending.They just happened in this election to get lumped in with the right wing fringe of the Republican Party.

Take a breath... I think we all would like to pay less in taxes. I also doubt if anyone seriously wants to pay more and more. So, if we can agree on this much, that common middle class people should not bear taxes any higher than they are and probably should pay less, then maybe we can negotiate from there how to achieve national defense, internal peace, safe prisons and repaired and safe roads and bridges, while keeping the tax burden low.

I just wish members of the Tea Party would realize that of the last 5 Presidents, the Republicans ran up much higher deficits than the Democrats. If they are serious about balanced budgets and smaller government spending they should be supporting Democratic candidates.