Shock Broadcasters

Shock broadcasters are demagogues and charlatans. To clarify, I am talking about the commentators, usually radio and TV, who always seem to be angry or worked up over everything. They don't report news. They rant.

Separate from them are the news reporters and commentators who have a perspective. Nothing is wrong with advocacy journalism so long as the viewpoint and biases are stated clearly.

But the rants and shouts of personalities like Rush and Ann just agitate. Why do people listen to them? It is manipulative. Isn't it insulting to viewers to have someone simply working up passions, manipulating feelings? The purpose is clearly not to win over converts. You don't convert people by shouting opposing opinion at them. You convert them through quiet and persistent explanation.

In fact, if I had an opinion that agreed with one of these rant freaks I'd be angry that they are cementing my opposition so that I have no chance of changing their minds.