Selfish / selfless

I remember in high school giving significant consideration to thoughts that lead a person into loops of logic.

A good example is the question, what is truly an unselfish act? Is anything done from a totally unselfish motivation? I tried finding an extreme to test the question.

Did Jesus die or did God send Jesus to die from a purely unselfish motivation? You have to consider the original motivation for creation and why God would want to redeem his creation.

He had his reasons no matter how inscrutable they are to us, so by redeeming his creation he serves some purpose of his own as well as providing a priceless gift to individuals within his creation.

We are accustom to giving the word selfish a negative connotation, but it seems there really isn't anything done without purposes both selfish and selfless.

Given that God himself must have some personal reasons for doing what he does, and that God cannot do evil and still be what we understand him to be, then selfish and selfless must be two ends of a spectrum, but a spectrum that doesn't correlate directly with good and evil.