Political Minority

It is hard being a political minority. You never feel your ideas or opinions are being represented in what we call a representative democracy. So, you feel compelled to be an activist, ever pushing your opinions in hopes of moving the needle.

Gay rights and protections, equal rights in general, net neutrality, global warming, income gap, etc, etc all seem to be dead or moving in the wrong direction in Oklahoma. Our national leaders follow the path provided by wacko fringe groups or large corporate interests.

Diversity in Congress that reflects the diversity back home is what our founders had in mind. They envisioned small-ish House districts to achieve that, but failed to see that allowing local legislatures to create those districts, especially coupled with modern big-data capabilities, results in gerrymandered districts that fit a political view.

 Even mainstream Republicans are regretting some of the overreach in redistricting that has caused countless primary losses for incumbents.

The worst result is the ghetto created for political minorities that makes them irrelevant. That leads to a great deal of frustration and resentment. Political resentment coupled with economic resentment is a recipe for disaster.