Partisan Politics

A recent Norman Transcript story (3-20-2008, Collins, Piatt lock horns on bill) gave us one of those all too common views of partisan politics.

Norman Democrat Rep. Wallace Collins claimed to the reporter that legislation he's authored is being ignored by State House leadership, specifically Floor Leader Greg Piatt.

Piatt claims he learned of Collins' bill only recently and had a staffer review it. The staff report said the bill was ineffective and not worth bringing to the floor.

I understand it must be difficult to be aware of every bill filed. There are something like 2,000 each session. However, for the floor leader to be unaware of a bill seems hard to believe. He has staff to review bills. It is his job along with the Speaker to determine what bills are considered.

The fact that Collins' retook the seat from a Republican not long ago lends credibility to his claim that his efforts are being ignored by the Republican leaders who have control in the House.

Collins is certainly not above partisan politics himself, but it is likely he hasn't had to make up this claim of unjust sidelining.