Health Care Reform

A friend shared this as a comment on my Facebook page:

My daughter and her family are $400,000 in debt because my grandson had to have emergency surgery and a few days in ICU when he was a baby. It is a long story about coverage that simply evaporated when they actually needed it. These kids are now wrecked financially. Health care/health insurance reforms are LONG overdue.

 A friend of a relative posted this:

sorry, I need it now...I've been on my own insurance for the 10 years I've been self employed...Always paid on time, yet I used my policy ONCE, and my premiums went up over 50% ...I could either pay the higher premium (over $500/month) or go to a different policy, same company, just a higher deductible, slightly lower premium, and lose all coverage on my left arm forever...the insurance companies are fighting this for good reason but it's time for us to get quality care for a reasonable price...past time...sorry for the rant, but this hits very close to home for me.