APTAC Spring Conference

After a week of great training and networking I wound up chair of the APTAC Communication Committee. That involves reporting to the board 4 times a year and working on improving the web site, bbs, mail list and other forms of internal and external communications.

Some association members are attempting to clarify the customer, as they say. Clearly, DLA is the customer for any PTAC. It is the agency holding the purse strings. To exist we must please DLA and pleasing thousands of small businesses with high quality service and assistance (and being able to document that) will please DLA.

However, the association's customer base is the PTACs and all employees of the PTACs. This is a subtle difference and one that generally means close cooperation and collaboration between the association and DLA. However, to lose sight of the fact that the association answers to its membership would be dangerous. APTAC must walk a line between working with DLA without becoming subservient to DLA.